Interview With Mozez

Interview With Mozez

Out his new single "Looking at me"

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Your new single is a reflection on our real identity, often counterfeited by social contexts and deformed by prejudices about cultural diversity, racial ideologies and the physical appearance of people. Who do we think we are? Where are we going? What kind of world are we preparing for future generations? These are the questions asked in the passage. What is your personal point of view regarding this?

Never in history is a time more apt for this question. We are at a very important point in time where we now have the ability to garner the knowledge of our ancestors and with technology at least to project accurately what our future will be like. So the question is are we ready or intelligent enough to make the changes life demands for a more harmonious future. We have the intellect without question, not sure we have the heart.

"Looking at me" invites man to regain possession of his humanity and to seek a new spirituality. what is, in your opinion, the main way to do it?

The truth is nature demands it so the process will continue until we have become who we are meant to be. We know instinctively not to hate as a child does. A person that hurts another creature, internally his voice speaks to him and he knows it wrong, so we don’t need to go seeking anything ,we just need to listen to our hearts.

The song, full of pop soul musical influences with occasional new wave eighties, is very catchy and releases a lot of strength especially through your voice, kaleidoscopic and extremely flexible, able to modulate differently based on the particular meaning you want to convey . Have you done any singing courses to learn how to express yourself like this?

Away from basic training when I was much younger no formal training of such.

Do you want to tell us something about your human and musical biography?

I think like every artist I have a story to tell, mine is compounded by the belief that there’s a more excellent way we can live our lives.Our current ideas of governing our selves have a lot to be desired.As a human I hope to be able to convey a message that at least will pause us for thought.All my music convey the same ideas weather I’m doing from a gospel perspective or what is called a secular perspective the message is the same. I’m not particularly connected with how many songs I have done or whom I have worked with, for me the message is the central theme.

Who are your pillars of reference in the musical, literary and artistic fields?

I am into learning about all forms of music the vehicle by which they arrive is important but not as much as what they carry. Anything that reaches for your soul I’m into.I like the message of Bob Marley, the soul of Marvin Gaye, the ideology of John Lennon.The feeling of Caren Carpenter, the heart and emotion Ezio Bossio but there are hundreds of other music styles which I love,

How do you plan to promote the album given the delicate situation we are experiencing due to the covid epidemic?

It’s indeed a delicate situation I was holding back, thinking I should wait for a more perfect time but then I thought why not now the message is as important now as at any time.I’m putting the album out there and hoping that I can garner an audience, I’m doing my best with the knowledge and funds available.I trust that interviews like this will awaken people to my material.

What message would you like to convey with the new album?

The message is listen to your heart, that where every good thing flows from.I appreciate your questions


Thank you,

Chiara Zanetti

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